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Massive Male Plus Things went uphill, and in a close circle of friends, acquaintances and colleagues there were always beautiful and luxurious ladies. He loved one, his wife, but this did not mean that he did not have a sexual desire for other women. His wife knew about his weaknesses and forgave him for all his pranks, and always took him back. Years later, he realized that he had no one more and closer than his spouse, and never will. Perhaps he was just tired of a lot of women and wanted stability. Well, what is not an example of a wise and perfect wife. One can only dream about such a thing, but the story is real. She had the wisdom, patience and tact to forgive him every time. She saved the family and did not destroy it. This is the real wisdom. Although again, as a man, I do not approve of his behavior and admire a woman. Because so could only strong and wise. Wisdom or cooperation? Family life requires both patience and ability to go out with dignity from different situations. Someone ancient said that the man in itself is not a man, just as the woman in itself is also not a man. Only when the two meet and form a family, then they create a single organism, which can be called a man. If both think, act and live in unison, then the family will live a long time. In many ways, it depends on the woman what the family will be. Of course, the role of a man is also important, and we will not dispute it. But from time immemorial, the role of the keeper of the hearth has been fixed precisely for the woman. A wife is a creative force that instills life into everything in the house. A wise wife will be able to make the home cozy, warm and calm. So that after the work of her husband it was not necessary to drive home with sticks, and he himself ran there, and also asked for leave early to buy a bouquet of flowers.

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