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Our rules & guidelines for this forum, read them carefully.

Post 18 Mar 2014 11:07
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IMPORTANT: We will NEVER use your email other than to contact you, your email is safe with us and your privacy will never be violated. Thanks for joining!

When you register for the first time, your first three posts/topics will need to pass our approval. After you have posted three valid posts/topics, you will be free to post as you like!

Forum Rules:

1. Respect each other & have fun.

2. Do not upload images or other data on which parties other than yourself own the copyright to.

3. Critical reviews are always welcome, but keep it nice and respectfull. If reviews, posts or attachments are offensive, they will be removed.

4. Multiple accounts per individual are not permitted.

5. The moderating team reserve the right to edit, remove or put on moderation queue any post at any time.

6. We can never be held responsible for this forums contents.

7. The signature can contain anything you like, but owners of offensive signatures will be warned and then have their signature removed until they acknowledge this guideline.


1. Consider reading the forums and maybe use the search function before you ask a question, quite often you’re not the first one facing a certain situation and there is a lot of information available. On the other hand, please never hesitate to ask if you have something you need help with.

2. When starting a new topic, please use a subject that describes the essence of your post, please don’t create generic topics like “I have a question”, “Is it possible” or “Please I need help”. Setting a proper subject most probably earlier attracts attention of people who have knowledge in a certain area who can help you and it makes it easier for future users with familiar questions to lookup answers.

3. Please mind posting in the right sub forum and do not cross post.

4. Stick to the topics subject. If you have a new different question start a new topic with proper subject description.

5. Please take proper care of your posts. The better your first post is the better people can help you. If you run into a problem, imagine the other users don’t know the circumstances you are in, please describe as much as possible about your setup and specifics. Read your text again before you post it and imagine reading it without prior knowledge.

6. If you are posting about a problem you are experiencing, please state as much as possible about what you have done (buttons on the MCP pressed, CDU entries, active flight modes, etc), what the software does or does not and what you think is wrong. Screenshots often help to clarify a problem.

7. Please don’t shout, limit the use of capitals and don’t use excessive punctuation, one exclamation mark (!) is enough.

8. If you feel the need to contact us, it’s highly appreciated to send us an email rather than using forums messaging system. If you have general questions, feel free to post them on this forum.


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