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Post 11 Jul 2019 08:57

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Time has washed away everything from appearance to face, including: looks, love, and commitment, etc. It has a cool color and violently sweeps it and erodes it. Therefore, I am too deliberate to stay behind, and I will not hold on to the woods. I only have Zenness, and I mean that the sky is a cloud, and I can only have a calm heart, and I will live a happy life. In life, you must know how to be at any time, casual, follow-up, and casual, so that you can be troubled and exhausted. A "follow" is to ask us to let it go. Naturally, it is not sitting still, but not insisting on the main things that are not too much. If something is missed Newport Cigarettes, you can't come back again. The regret of one is only annoying. In life, you should always leave yourself a quiet time to strip away the distress and boredom of the day. You can listen to a song, you can also experience a song; you can read a meditation Parliament Cigarettes, you can also understand a meditation; you can dismiss all the troubles and thoughts until the mind is blank, and then only care about the temperature and taste of a cup of tea, The size and shape of the leaves are crowded with people, not for the name, but for the benefit. Question: No fame and fortune can't live? Countless people in the language. Only after a long night can people recover their sincere wishes Marlboro Cigarettes, and after a white light, they immediately hide under the mask, as usual, walking and busy. A painting can give birth to a beautiful landscape of the mountains and rivers, and a moonlight can hide the flowers of a juvenile chrysanthemum. A person can live in a light and orderly manner, can pass the Qing Huan light joy, can forget all the past, can throw away the troubles of fame and fortune, keep the flowers of life, the flowers are still dazzling, the flowers are still gorgeous and dazzling Cloud water, live in the moment. The cloud accumulation is floating, the water is full, and it is necessary to learn to be moderate and know how to stop. Looking at a flower in the water, it is illusory, when it is close, it is only a flower without a pose; the curtain is raining, quiet and beautiful, when it is close, it is only a few drops of invisible water. We must learn to feel life on the road without having to wait until the end of the game. Learn to cherish possession when you get it Wholesale Cigarettes, without having to shed tears when you leave. Waiting for a season is a long time, but as long as we wait, whether our flowers are open or not, our hearts are happy Carton Of Cigarettes. Happiness is not to insist on possession, but to moderately nostalgia. Use a sincere heart to experience, stay at the right time, meet is the most beautiful life. Loss of gain and loss, it is a kind of spiritual fullness, loss is a lack of soul. Both the gain and the loss are the skin of the marrow, but the gains and losses are coming and going. As the Buddha said: it is natural to breathe and breathe. Gain and loss also follow nature. In life, when our position and the wealth we have are slowly rising, troubles and constraints will follow. So we have to listen to our inner voice, listen to what we really need, and sometimes lose is also a way to get.
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