Flight Training

Most of our customers are professional student pilots who want to have some additional flight training in preparation of a grading at different company’s. But beginners and aviation enthusiasts, our offers are open to all. At Sim4Pilots you improve your skills and recieve an unforgettable experience.

Clear for take off! 

Contact Roel (+32 468 122 737) for more information and reservation.

The Training with instructor includes the following items:

    1.  Glass flight deck familiarisation.
    2.  Basic rules for flying and operating a medium jet.
    3.  Crew coordination, including check list and briefing.
    4.  Take off.
    5.  Basic air work.
    6.  Navigation.
    7.  ILS approach.
    8.  Non precision approach.
    9. Simple failures.

We also offer other kinds of courses which you can check out at our "Pricing" page.
These include:

    1. Demo Flights
    2. Full Pilot Training
    3. Anti-Stress Courses

Go check them out now and give us a call!


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